TMSFMXRicheditor on Android works?


working with Delphi Berlin,
TMSFMXRicheditor V:
on Android 6.0.1 Nexus 5

The TMSFMXRicheditor does not visualize correct linefeeds.
I tested pure Form and dropped TMSFMXRicheditor on it align = client and added Platform Android.

If I write "first line" and press "Enter" it looks like the cursor moves just half line down.
If I use "Backspace" to delete letters of a word, the last letter is deleted - ok. 
 But pressing "Backspace" again it doubles the word. ?!?

The same effect with the demo program
 c:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Pack for FireMonkey Demos\RichEditor\RichEditor.dproj

With Windows it works fine.

Is TMSFMXRicheditor not working on Android?


We have been able to reproduce this and will further investigate this here as soon as possible.

The Update of "TMS Pack for Firemonkey" did not solve the problem.

When can I expect to use a TMS Editor with android?


We have investigated this here and have unfortunately detected an issue in a combination Berlin / Android 6.0. This issue is also reproducible with TMemo and has already been reported to Embarcadero. The issue should be solved by Embarcadero, but a possible workaround is to install a swift keyboard as mentioned in the following QC report:

To follow the link, I need a JIRA account.

How can I get a JIRA account or
how can I read the article somewhere else?

About the account, please contact Embarcadero for this.

I have taken a screenshot for your convenience.

Bruno Fierens2016-07-01 12:35:47

thank you.

just I cannot see, how the work araound should work:
"but a possible workaround is to install a swift keyboard as mentioned in the following QC report:"

It seems to be an issue with the default Google keyboard in Android. A workaround is to install the Swift keyboard and use this instead, which will properly handle text input in TMemo and TTMSFMXRichEditor

Also with update of Delphi Berlin 10.1 it still does not work!

How can I let the user just input a simple text?

Does anyone have a work around?


Unfortunately this issue is still open, it's unclear when Embarcadero will take the time to fix this issue.
As a workaround, use the Swift keyboard until a fix is available.

Folow up on this bug still present with TMSFMXRichEditor

Follow up on this bug its still present in TMSFMCRichEditor version and android.

With newer Delphi releases the problem got worse unfortunately.
Embarcadero removed keyboard handling methods from the FMX base class interfaces and these methods were essential for the keyboard handling we need in Android. In short, it is not longer possible to handle individual keystrokes from the control.
Workarounds for this are very complex and although we spent already hours and hours on research, we haven't found an adequate replacement for the removed interfaces by Embarcadero yet.

When the problem will be corrected.... still present in version

We have not seen changes or progress from the side of Embarcadero.