TTMSFMXRichEdit - Live Bindings

Is there a way to use Live Bindings to save the TMSFMXRichEdit Data to a BLOB or Memo field in a dataset?

Glenn House

For now, to persist data in a blob, you'd need to use a stream with TMSFMXRichEditor.LoadFromStream / TMSFMXRichEditor.SaveToStream.
We'll explore how we could provide a codeless interface for livebindings.

Has this ever been explored and resolved, please?

No, LiveBindings support is discontinued due to being extremely poor in extensibility and usage. The TMS FMX UI Pack is in maintenance mode and we are adding database adapters in TMS FNC UI Pack, that uses the older datasource/dataset technique. We are planning on adding a wide range of database adapters that should work with all components.