TTMSFMXRadioGroup more than one item selected

Subject : TTMSFMXRadioGroup more than one item selected

I am using Delphi XE6 Update 1 with Version of 1Oct14 Pack.

I have 4 Items in the TTMSFMXRadioGroup. (This component introduced in this Version.)
On the 4th Item I also have a TButton. (I do not think this is relevant).

The RadioGroup is on a TTMSFMXPage, in a TTMSFMXPageSlider.

If I click on a page visible to the left of the page with the RadioGroup I can afterwards see 2 radio buttons selected. This should be impossible.

So the event goes through to the RadioGroup without considering that one item in the RadioGroup is already selected. In fact the event should not be seen by the RadioGroup at all as I am not clicking on that page.

How do I prevent clicks on other pages being acted upon by the RadioGroup?
What do I need to do to prevent this behaviour?


This issue has been fixed in the TTMSFMXRadioGroup control.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS Pack for FireMonkey.

Thank you. I look forward to the next release.