TMSFMXPanel and RadioGroupBox


Windows Vista, XE4, TMS Pack for FireMonkey Release

Before reporting this as a bug , i want to ask community if you found the same problem .
This is the first time i use the TMSFMXPanel with a GroupBox containing RadioButtons (one group) .

The issue is that when i collapse/ uncollapse the panel the rendering of the radiobuttons is incorrect.

i.e if my group contain 5 radio buttons ,
 radiobutton 5 checked=true , after collapsing radiobutton1 and radiobutton5 appears as checked
 radiobutton 2 checked=true , after collapsing radiobutton2 and radiobutton4 appears as checked
 radiobutton 3 checked=true , after collapsing , rendering is ok
this default of rendering d'nt affect the checkvalue
Depending of style passing mouse on it 'clear' the radio button or not