TTMSFMXPageControl Hide Tabs

Is it possible to hide the tabs on a TTMSFMXPageControl ?

I've tried setting height to 0 and various other hacks (fill / stroke = none), but I can still see some remains of the tabs.

I assume that there is a way, but I just haven't found it.


Currently there is no separate visible flag but you can hide the tabs with the following code:

 TMSFMXPageControl1.TabSize.Mode := tsmFixedSize;
 TMSFMXPageControl1.TabSize.Width := 0;
 TMSFMXPageControl1.TabSize.Height := 0;
Hi Pieter

Thanks for the reply.

That almost does what I want, but there is still a small margin on the side where the tabs should be. I need the pagecontrol to completely fill the area.

Any ideas ?

Sorry, ignore that last post, setting the margins within the TabSize appears to work.