TTMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController Crashes

When doing any Show... on an iPhone runningiOS 8.1. Fine on an iPad with the same OS.


The popovercontroller is not supported on an iPhone device.

The documentation mentions this on page 82

"Popover controllers are for use exclusively on iPad
devices. Attempting to create an instance of the TMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController on devices
other than an iPad results in an exception".

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Hmm. How should I do a popup then?

There isn't an official alternative for iPhone/iPod devices. You would need to create your own popup with an UIView that toggles the visibility. 

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Could you please tell me if this is an iPhone limitation or a TMS limitation and, without having to search the documentation, what other iCL controls do not work on an iPhone?

It's an iPhone limitation, which is cleared stated in the Apple documentation:


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Ok, thanks. And what is the answer to the second part of my question
regarding any other controls that will not work on an iPhone?

All other controls should be available for both types of devices. It is also stated in the documentation if there are exceptions.Pieter Scheldeman2014-12-09 05:36:01


In order to do the equivalent of the popover I have to get the absolute coordinates of the TUIButton being clicked. Can you please tell me how to do this?