TTMSFMXNativeFMXWrapper and refreshingTChart

I want to display online data (basically two values changing over time) in a chart, where new data is added to the chart every six seconds (more or less). In an FMX-only project this worked in simulator and idevice, however with poor performance. So I chose to switch to iCL and the only non iCL component now is the FMX-TChart, which I dropped on a new FMX-form which in turn was assigned to the TTMSFMXNativeFMXWrapper. Now the chart initially displays correct data (a bit faster), the refreshing part however triggers no response in the chart. Furthermore I have a couple of labels, that should display the newest values, but they also are only filled (updated) once now. However scrolling in the chart (using TCharts standard capabilities) results in all the contents being updated, I even created a button which triggers refreshing the data also resulting in updated chart. Just the "updating without touching" ceased to work after the conversion to iCL.
I tried following wrapper-methods: Repaint, UpdateFrame wrapping all statements in Begin and EndUpdate but to no avail.
Do you have an explanation or even a solution for this problem?

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the Chart updates as expected here with a basic test, a TMSFMXNativeUIView, wrapper and a second form with a TChart on it. Calling Add on the serie adds a random value point and updates the Chart accordingly. Can you provide a sample that demonstrates this repaint bug?

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I'm sorry for the late answer. Somehow I managed to overcome the issue. I am feeding the chart through a thread, and really can't say why it's working now :)

Maybe it's some other problem, because my labels still wont update.

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