TTMSFMXMemo: I cant bind with a TWideMemoField.

If I use the menu option "bind with a new control" of LiveBindings Editor, and I chose a memo, the bingind happend with the Property Text of the TMemo.

The problem is that TTMSFMXMemo has not the property Text.

I've tried with the property Lines.Text, but.... don't works. 

How should I Bind a TTMSFMXMemo with a TWideMemoField? 

Only the TTMSFMXLiveGrid and TTMSFMXTableView are livebindings enabled components. It requires an additional register call to bind properties via LiveBindings and this is not implemented for TTMSFMXMemo or other non-livebindings components. If you want to load a field value you will need to manually load the data inside the TTMSFMXMemo.Pieter Scheldeman2016-07-27 08:38:47

When are you going to do this "additional register call" for this component?

Standard component TMemo, has Text and I can bind it with a TWideMemoField.

We'll consider this for a future update.