TTMSFMXGrid Sort indicator after Column Drag

I have a grid with the following properties:

  AGrid.Options.Sorting.MultiColumn := False;
  AGrid.Options.Sorting.Columns     := scAll;
  AGrid.Options.Sorting.Mode        := gsmNormal;
  AGrid.Options.Sorting.IgnoreCase  := True;

  AGrid.Options.Filtering.DropDown    := True;
  AGrid.Options.Filtering.MultiColumn := True;
  AGrid.Options.Mouse.ColumnDragging  := True;
  AGrid.Options.Mouse.ColumnSizing    := True;

First I sort a column by pressing the column header
Then I drag the sorted column to another place.

The sorted indicator is painted in the wrong spot !

Hi, I have sent you an email requesting to bundle all outstanding issues with the grid. We'll follow up via email.