TTMSFMXGrid OnSelectRange

Hi Pieter

I need an event that fires when a range of cells is selected - OnSelectCell just returns the last cell in the range. I'm looking at the source code to see if I can add it myself, but thought I'd ask first - any chance of this in the near future?

Thanks, Bob

In the OnSelectCell you can simply get the Selection range with

TMSFMXGrid1.Selection which is a TCellRange record.

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Ok thanks that works. I've got another problem though. I have a single grid and a tab control and I switch the parent for my grid as the user selects different tabs. I have a separate object that tracks the current selection for each tab and restores the selected range on the grid as the tabs are changed (using SelectCells).

In my code I use FActiveGrid.SetFocus in the change handler and everything looks fine when I change tabs. However, if I then click on a different cell and drag a new selection the selected range starts at the original cell rather than the new cell I've clicked. I need to click on the new cell first, then start to drag the new range using a separate click.

Any ideas? I can put a demo project together if that helps.

Kind regards, Bob


We have tried it here, but couldn't reproduce it. Can you send us your sample so we can investigate this here?

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