TTMSFMXGrid - how to turn url detection off?

I cannot turn of the URL detection in the grid. I already unchecked all under Options->Url, and it still change the mouse cursor to a hand and onclickcell is not triggered when clicked.

How can I turn it off completely so the cell is just like a normal text cell?

You're correct about this issue. With Options.URL.Show = false, it would not longer show the URL underlined but still handle the click. We've fixed this now. When Options.URL.Show = false, it will no longer be treated as URL. The next update will address this.Bruno Fierens2017-01-03 10:22:07

Is there any way to patch it myself quickly until the update is ready? I cant wait for the next update, I cannot continue my work because it also does not allow me to select rows. I have only urls inside the grid, and row selection will not work due to this issue.

Please contact us by email for an incremental source update.