TTMSFMXGrid how to force cell update

I am using the onGetCellData event to fill the grid with data from an array.

When I now via code manipulate the content of the array, how can I force the grid to update the changed row/cell?

Using the .UpdateGridCells function cause it to flicker when its called to often in a very short time. I am sure there must be a function to update just 1 cell (or row), but I cant find it.

You can use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate

Thats not what I mean.

I am only changing content in the array, which the grid displays in the onGetCellData event.
For example, I have an array with strings, I set the rowcount to 10, it shows the 10 strings from the array via the onGetCellData event. Then I change thew string[5} to something, how to I tell the grid to refresh, because the array has changed?

You can use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate to force the grid to refresh

So there is no way to just refresh a single cell?

Not sure its great to call hundred of times per second beginupdate/endupdate...

There is no way to refresh a single grid cell. Invalidating a specific rectangle in FireMonkey is not supported in the same way as it can be done in VCL, therefore you need to refresh the whole grid.