TTMSFMXCalendar slow to change selection


Im trying TMS FMX PACK  and TTMSFMXCalendar is slow to change selected date in android. There is something to do? Its a LG G4.

I just created a new mult device applicantion in Delphi 10.1, putt one TMSFMXCalendar into form and compiled it to android. So in my smartphone I just touched to change dates, but theres a lag to change selection from one date to another.

Sorry if I didnt make myself clear. English is not my first language.


The TTMSFMXCalendar is based on styles and each date is built up from FireMonkey objects which was the initial design choice. This approach unfortunately takes up a lot of resources and affects performance. We are currently applying a new approach in our TMS FNC UI Pack. This pack currently does not have a calendar, but it's on our todolist to add one in the future.

Thank you! I will wait and buy it for sure 

I'm experiencing the same lag with the TTMSFMXSpinner control in the latest version.

On my blackberry priv when I try to "spin" the wheels, I get a message saying the app isn't responding and if I want to wait/report/close.

Is the FMX UI Pack not really meant for use on Android/iOS but really only for desktop apps (Mac/Windows)?

The same applies to TTMSFMXSpinnner. It uses internally an FMX style object hierarchy. The performance of the FMX framework to deal with this is especially on some lower performance Android devices not great. With our TMS FNC controls, we handle everything with classic painting that proves to be better performing, especially on lower performance devices.

Some questions regarding TMS FNC pack:

1. has it already a spinner comparable to TTMSFMXSPinner?
2. How to customize appearance (font color etc.) without using the FMX style concept?


1) There is currently no spinner control in FNC.
2) Each component exposes Fill, Stroke and Font properties for each customizeable element inside a FNC Control. These properties can be used at designtime/runtime to customize the appearance of the control.

Thanks for this quick reply. Is a spinner control being planned?