Scrollable number selection component


My customer wants me to put a scrollable number selector the same fashion as the date selection works in iOs.
A few images:

He wants to user to fast select a number between 1 and 50. Is there a component among Fnc Pack which can be used for this? Thank you.

Unfortunately we don't have such a component in TMS FNC UI Pack. Currently we have TTMSFMXSpinner which is part of TMS FMX UI Pack, but TMS FMX UI Pack is in maintenance mode, and cannot be purchased anymore. As this is a control specifically targeted towards iOS, it's unclear right now if we will make an FNC version. We'll add this on our request list.


Thank you for the answer. Sorry, I wasn't precise enough: the example was for iOs, but the application which I develop is for Android. So I would like such a component for Android platform.

We don't have native components for Android, you can take a look here to native pickers for Android:

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