TTMSCalendarPicker Size of Calendar don't work

we are using the TTMSCalendarPicker. The Calendar ist for us to small. So we want to change the size of the calender. We tried it with the property Calendar.Width.
But this seems not to work?
Is there a way to change the size of the calendar?

Best wishes
Bernhard Roos

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It's an old question but in case somone else has the same problem:
I had the same problem and ended up adding a TTMSFMXCalendar to the form and set width and height properties in the Object Inspector.
You can set the TTMSFMXCalendar Visible=False;
I then set both my TTMSCalendarPicker.Calendar and TTMSCalendarPicker.PopupControl = {that Calendar component}.

This should not be necessary, but it works.