TAdvDateTimePicker calendar size

I am using the above picker with the kind as dkdate and the format as the long date format. When the calendar drops down it is too small. The first and last columns are cut off. For instance, instead of "Sun" as the first column it just shows "un". If I resize the calendar during the drop down it resizes to the correct size but I would like it to be the correct size to begin with. Could someone point me to this setting. Thanks.

We have retested this with our latest version
but we could not see such problem here. 

Could you please provide (mailto: support@tmssoftware.com
) some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here ?

Could you try it with a different VCL style, such as Metro UI Blue (under Application|Appearance in Project Options)?

I have tested it with Metro UI Blue but can't see an issue. Please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this and mention the Delphi version you are using. Also compare this on your Delphi version with the standard TDateTimePicker control.

Hi, How to increase calendar size on drop down ?

This is a fixed size. This is based on the Microsoft Windows standard date & time picker and in Windows, this has a fixed size, controlled by the operating system.

alternative options ?

If you only work with the date, look at SmoothDatePicker (?) Everything can be set there.

I also search for an option for customizing the calendar size / font size.
The smoothDatePicker is fine - however, it doesn't contain time (hour, Minutes). Only control that contains both is the TAdvDateTimePicker.
Any other calender / time picker controls that contains both date and time, as well as a custumized calendar apparence, or do I need to add 2 different controls to my form?
The application will run on a system with touchscreen
Anders Balslev

Other than TAdvDateTimePicker, we have at this moment not another control that has both date & time unfortunately.