Truncated Response Issue in HTTP Requests with TMS XData on Windows Server 2022

We are experiencing a serious issue of truncated responses in our Delphi application that utilizes the TMS XData framework to provide a REST API. This problem is specifically observed when the return involves a large JSON. The API responses, which are supposed to return a complete JSON, are arriving truncated at the client side. Interestingly, this behavior is only observed when our application is hosted on a Windows Server 2022. When the same application is run on a Windows Server 2019, the responses are received correctly without any truncation of the JSON.

The error is logged in the browser’s console with the message NS_ERROR_NET_PARTIAL_TRANSFER.


We have observed that the problem does not occur when the application is hosted on a Windows Server 2019.

We suspect that there might be a configuration in HTTP.sys or a specific interaction between HTTP.sys and TMS XData on Windows Server 2022 that is causing this behavior.

We are in need of specialized guidance to diagnose and resolve this critical issue, whether it be through configuration adjustments.


We are not aware of such issues. I also don't understand your screenshot means, as there is no mention to NS_ERROR_NET_PARTIAL_TRANSFER error.

Don't you have a reverse/edge proxy between your browser and the server?
Do you see the same problem in other browsers or using TXDataClient?
We need more details.

Sorry for the lack of information.
The error 'NS_ERROR_NET_PARTIAL_TRANSFER' is presented by the Firefox browser. In other browsers, an undocumented error occurs.
To try to explain it better, I made the call directly through the Swagger provided by the TMS component.

Response with short JSON (Without a blob):

Response with long JSON, containing a blob, notice that an undocumented error occurs:

This behavior only occurs when we host the application on Windows Server 2022.
On Windows Server 2019, it functions correctly, and the response with the entire JSON occurs as expected.

We attempted to update the components to the latest version, but the error persists.

What exactly information you get in the network tab of the browser? When you receive the "undocumented" code?