TRemoteDBDatabase and ClientID

Hi ,

i assign on my client application : rdbDati.ClientId:=IDOper+';'+NameOper; but in the server event is always empty !!

procedure TDM0.RemoteDBServerBeforeStatement(Sender: TObject; Info: IStatementInfo);
Var ClientID:String;
  If Info.Operation = TStatementOperation.Execute Then Begin
    ClientID:=Info.Database.ClientID.Trim;  <---- EMPTY !!!

can you help me ?

I cannot reproduce the problem here. I've modified the RemoteDB Basic demo (folder remotedb\demos\basic) and it works fine.

Could you please provide steps and/or compilable project that reproduces the problem?

If i assign ClientID on object inspector go fine, if i assign it by code NO ! This rdbDati.ClientId:='my user'; doesnt go ! I think property became read only ....

i discovered RemoteDB must be closed ...

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