Error 12029

I have two RemoteDB server apps installed in AWS EC2. Everything worked fine but when updated another server, i get error "Could not perform WinHttp operation Error: (12029) Could not connect to server. Another server works still fine.

Strange is that i can get data from server but can't post data. When opening client app, Error message 129029 appears and after that client app opens normally and i can browse all data from normally, but can't post new data and changes to server.

If i stop server at EC2.i get config 503 error what's normal.

So client app can read data from server, but can't post changes to server. When posting changes, i get error 12029.

Posting data worked before updating server app to new version.

Using https.Database is Firebird installed to same EC2 instance as RemoteDB server.

More info:

When i set in Delphi IDE TRemoteDatabase.Connected to true and TXDataSet.Active to true, no error appears.

Solved problem. I have in DataModule OnCrete event code what sets TRemoteDatabase.ServerUri to my development machine or to EC2 instance. I have forgot to change ServerUri in code to EC2 instance, manually changed it in component to EC2 instance. So in IDE connection was ok but when running program, it pointed to wrong ServerUri (Dev machine)..

But how it is possible to show data from database even when RemoteDB server is not running? I didn't have server running in Dev machine when first run to error messgae. Now replicated sizuation and data gets populated to app DB Controls and server is not running.

I'm afraid I cannot answer that question with provided info. Indeed it's strange, I can only guess is that at some point you had a connection pointing to the correct server, or you had a server running in your development machine.

Maybe this happens when you have in Delphi IDE TRemoteDatabase set to connected Server Uri to EC2 instance and also XDataSet's activated at desing time. And at runtime code changes these to point to dev machine where server is not running -> Raises Error 12029.

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