Transparent Panel

I'm currently going through the process of updating our GUI with styler aware components. A good thing about using TPanel, (with no borders and a flat sold colour) is that it makes it easy to arrange different sections on a form. This is more difficult to do with TAdvPanels due to the different fades etc. Is it possible to have a Transparent property on a TAdvPanel, or, what would you recommend to use for grouping components with no visible border?


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You can use the same values for ColorFrom and ColorTo

Where is ColorFrom?

Sorry, there is no Transparent property on TAdvPanel.
You can give it the same color as the form by setting TAdvPanel.Color and TAdvPanel.ColorTo to the form color.

That won't work too well if it's already on a TAdvPanel with a gradient.

I've since found that a TAdvGroupBox with no caption/borders and set to Transparent does the job fine.


Um, either I have all AdvPanels with a gradient or none.
I memorized these names. I have made a mistake.