TProjections.Sql => Escape curly brackets

I've found:

but how could this be done for Projections?
We are using some Criteria-Fetches, executing subselects containing GUIDs.

How could I escape curly brackets within these subselects?

Do you have an example of the projections you are trying to use?

    .Add(TProjections.Sql<string>('SELECT translation FROM ENTITY_LANG el WHERE el.PARENT_ENTITY_ID = {id} AND el.LANGUAGE_INDEX = ''{someguid}'' AND el.LANGUAGE = ''de-DE''')

Well, I could just skip these curly brackets, because postgres would find this without curly brackets.

We only need this subselects because, FetchEager is not yet implemented for ManyValuedAssocs.
If FetchEager could fetch ManyValuedAssocs in a single statement, we could just iterate through our ManyValuedAssociation.

For now you should do this, indeed. Parameters are not supported in projections.

You can always do run a criteria over the detail class, not the parent class.