TPlannerCalendar: how to show days of previous and next month in different color? (ShowDaysBefore, ShowDaysAfter)

I'm using ShowDaysBefore and ShowDaysAfter. I want the days of the previous month, next month to have a different fontcolor. How do I accomplish that?

I tried InversColor, InactiveColor but it does not work.

What I'm trying to accomplish is the greenish color for days outside the month and the black color for days in the month. Of course weekend color (red) takes precedence. How to do this? This picture is taken from a very old version of TPlannerCalendar, so it must be possible...

P.s. according to changelog in plannercal.pas my current version is: : New : Methods ChangeMonth(), ChangeYear() added in TPlannerCalendarGroup

We checked this and see a regression slipped in when support for VCL styles was added. We fixed this now. The property InversColor sets this text color of days outside the displayed month.

When will the fix be available?

We plan an update release this week.

Thanx. I installed the update and it works.