TdbPlannerCalendar - onEventInsert -> change color


I've got a TdbPlannerCalendar linked on a datasource.
my config is

with calendar_selectDate do
    eventMarkerShape := evsAMPMRectangle;
    eventMarkerColor := clWebRed;

And on the event

procedure TCalendarPerTeacher.calendar_selectDateEventInsert(Sender: TObject; Event: TSelDateItem);
  Event.Color :=clWebLavenderBlush;

But as you can see with the date 19/05 -> to 20/05, the event on the 19/05 still with the red color
Why ?



Try to add:

Event.ColorPM :=clWebLavenderBlush;

Hello Bruno,

With event.colorPM := clWebOrange;

It just don't want to change the color of the 19/05

Can this be reproduced with the demo under Demo\DBPlannerCalendar, as so far, I could not see such behavior with this demo?

I've juste download the last version on the package v10.5.6.1 (May 26, 2021)
But a still have the same behavior with the demo file.
I've selected the shape evsRectangle.

If you want to see a different color for AM & PM, set Event.Shape = evsAMPMRectangle

Yes i know, but the date 13 & 21 are still in fuchsia but must also be in red because the interval date is 13/07 to 14/07

Could you send me your demo file?

I don't understand why it's working on your computer and not on mine.

OK, what you explain now makes it clear what you mean
We traced & fixed the issue. This will be fixed in the next update.

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