Touch scree implementation


I would like to implement the Planner (and MonthView) component to a (single) touch screen kiosk. I have the following questions:

- How to implement two click selection (first cilk = start, second click = end ?)
- What does the property Planner.StickySelect exactly do? I selected it, but see no effect...

I would also ask for any help regarding planner (and MonthView) screen touch usage, because I'm still starting and no idea how to do it.

Forgot to mention: The used touch screen will be a simple on, so this is expected:

- No multi touch.
- Possible problematic drag&drop (I heard that entry level screens could have some problems with this).

So this is it.. Any advice is highly appreciated. :)


StickySelect = true allows to do multiselect without using the Ctrl-key.

I'm not sure what you mean with "two click selection". Planner items have always a one click selection.

two click selection is meant to be used on a monitor that is not comfortable for dragging the finger on the surface. So first click - begin of the selection, second click - end of selection and insert the plan item.

Sorry, this concept is currently not built-in in the Planner, an item is either in selected state or not in selected state. There is currently unfortunately no such state as a begin of selection and end of selection.