Is it possible to add a Screen.Cursor := crHourglass; command to the WebUpdateWizard's 'Start' button to indicate that the the INF file is in the process of being downloaded? For some reason, our website is taking 20 seconds at the moment to complete the download, and there is no indication that anything is happening before the update message is being displayed.

It was already setting form.Cursor to crHourglass but we can indeed modify this to set Screen.Cursor.
This will be updated in the next release.

Thanks Bruno. For info, I don't see an Hourglass cursor after clicking the Wizard's 'Start' button wherever I point the cursor - to the Wizard's form or the calling main form - so I'm not sure how form.cursor works.

We replaced it with screen.Cursor now.
Next release will have this.

Thanks Bruno. BTW, do you have, or happen to know of, a component/package to run the TWebUpdate version checking code:


in a background thread on startup of a D2007 app, and then run the result (if appropriate) in the main thread? This is easily achieved in Delphi 10.4 using the Parallel Programming Library, but this is not available in D2007.

I'm not sure what you mean with
"a component/package to run the TWebUpdate version checking code WebUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable"
You can just call this from Delphi 2007 code, so, not sure what the issue is?

Yes, but I want to run the procedure in a background thread so as to not block the app's main form creation and display in the main UI thread. This requires use of multi-threading which I'm not familiar with, and I'm looking for a 3rd party multi threading library to simplify things for me.

Sorry, we do not have a multithreading library.
Delphi itself has TThread via which you can do this.

Ok. Found the OmniThreadLibrary which provides what I need.

Thanks Bruno, I see the screen cursor in TWebUpdate in the latest TMSVCLUIPackSetup update. However, I would prefer it if the cursor returned to default when the 'Get Update' screen was presented. The next screens (after the Get Update screen) display pretty quickly and, of course, we don't need the Hourglass cursor showing while the files are downloading - as the downloading progress activity is shown by the progress bars.

I would prefer it if the cursor returned to default when the 'Get Update' screen was presented.

Are you able to make this change?

Imho, while downloads are happening, it does not harm the cursor is an hourglass.

No, that's ok. But having to click the 'Get Updates' button with a hourglass cursor looks odd.

We will recheck

Thanks Bruno. BTW, working on a Sunday is beyond the call of duty!

Will you be able to do anything to improve this?

We have adapted this.
The next release will have this change.

Thanks very much Bruno.