TMSWeb_TemplateUI Demo Initially Loading Controls Non-Formatted


I bought TMS WEB a couple of weeks ago and just installed and started testing it.

When I run the TMSWeb_TemplateUI demo, when the page is initially loaded, the controls are being shown as non-formatted. After about a quarter of a second (maybe less), the page is being shown normally.

I've attached two images showing the issue.


In a web browser, loading of resources is an asynchronous process. In this specific case the CSS that is responsible for the style is loaded from the CSS resource file and applied when it is loaded. When there is some delay in this loading, it can be applied slightly later than the HTML elements are loaded from the HTML template.
There are several possible solutions, some of which mentioned here:

Hi Bruno

Thank you for the information.
So, following what was suggested on the link you provided, this is what I did in the Unit1.html:

I added this right after the <head>
<div id="loadOverlay" style="background-color:#333; position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; width:100%; height:100%; z-index:2000;"></div>

and added this right before the </head>
#loadOverlay{display: none;}

Unfortunaltely, the only thing loaded is a blank screen.

I would appreciate it if you would tell me how to change the Unit1.html file to get the expected result.

We will need to allocate time and investigate what can be best done for this particular demo.

Hi Bruno
Were you able to investigate what can be best done for the demo?

Sorry, a very high workload prevented us so far.
This is also somewhat outside the scope of TMS WEB Core itself. This concerns 3rd party website template using external libraries and to control displaying it is at the level of HTML/CSS.
An alternative you might consider and try is to change the loadOverlay CSS from the form's OnShow event to hide it from there.