TMSMQTT don't work with iOS-Simulator ARM 64 Bit (17.4)

I'm not able to use the MQTT components with the iOS-simulator 17.4.
Isn't it possible? Or is this a code issue?

We have not tested this particular setup. What exact problem do you experience?

The units are missing, and the components are greyed out.

Our installer indeed doesn't auto install for the iOS simulator.
There has been very little demand (and the simulator was broken for a long time) so, we haven't added this.

Ok, thanks.

When will it be fixed? It would also help me if I could fix this for myself.

We will discuss this in the team whether to add support for this. As I mentioned, there has been little to no demand for this so far.

That surprises me a little.
If you're working from home and want to write iOS apps with Delphi on your Windows PC, but your Mac is at the office, an iOS simulator would be very practical.

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