Can't compile for iOS simulator

It seems that adding any TMS components prevents Delphi from compiling for an iOS simulator target.

To reproduce, create new FMX app, add a TTMSFMXEdit control to the form, select iOS Simulator as the target, and try to compile: the following 2 files are not found:

FMX.TMSCustomEdit, FMX.TMSEdit

Building for real iOS targets, 32 or 64 bit, works fine; it's just the simulator.  I can build and run apps on the simulator so long as I don't add this TMS control.

I've tried with some other TMS FMX and FNC controls and all seem to fail to compile in this way.

I'm using Delphi 10.3.3 Pro, with TMS FMX components downloaded and installed today.


Same happens on Android 64-bit.  Other targets fine.

OK, I see this has been brought up before:

and the workaround is to add the relevant path(s) under options --> building --> delphi compiler --> [target] --> search path.

I'm going through that now.