TMSGrid Headers and Footers


Is it possible to design a TMSGrid (via livebindinngs) that supports Headers and Footers.
I like to create a grid similar to this one :

I've looked at the sample but I didn't found anything on this.

Assuming the headers "Code" "Nom", "CP", "Ville" are coming from the database you can set the fixed rows to 3 which will automatically place all the records below row 3 and the column headers on row 3. Then you can merge header cells after the data has been loaded.

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Hello Pieter,

When setting fixed rows to 3, column headers are always placed on row 1 (and not row 3).


You can manually override the header text in the OnGetCellData event. We will investigate here if we can improve this behavior

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Well, this is really cumbersome.
I thought adding 2 TMSFMXGrid (header and footer) betwwen my "data" grid. The only drawback I see is when using data grid horizontal scrollbar : header and footer should be synced and I don't know how to do this (on all platforms)

The LiveBindings connection is currently limited to 1 fixed row for the headers and below the fixed rows the records holding the data. Combining LiveBindings with any other grid related header manipulations needs additional code. You can simply implement the OnGetCellData and access the fields manually.