TTMSFMXLiveGrid and Footer

I am using the footer:

  GridTotais.FixedFooterRows := 1;
  GridTotais.ColumnCalculation[4] := TColumnCalculation.ccSum;
  GridTotais.ColumnCalculation[5] := TColumnCalculation.ccSum;
  GridTotais.ColumnCalculation[6] := TColumnCalculation.ccSum;
  GridTotais.ColumnCalculation[7] := TColumnCalculation.ccSum;
  GridTotais. UpdateCalculations;

it works first time.

Any other changes it does not recalculate automatically.

I am using livebinding, user change records and the entire grid is changed. In this case Header is not calculated again.

This cannot be done on an active LiveBindings. Please use the LoadAllAndDisconnect method and then apply the calculations.

I have found out that footer and calculations enabled with livebinding do not let me edit and save the cell content.

is it right?

That is correct. Unfortunately, calculations, sorting/filtering is done on an inactive dataset, editing needs to be done on an active dataset.

Is there any development planned for a FMX Grid more like dxGrid  by TMS in the near future?

I have found that if you make field changes, use the table Afterpost Event and had the following lines:
poritemsgrid.Cells[13, PORITEMSGRID.RowCount - PORITEMSGRID.FixedFooterRows] := formatfloat('#.00',poritemsgrid.AllFloats[13, PORITEMSGRID.RowCount - PORITEMSGRID.FixedFooterRows]);
PORITEMSGRID.Cells[3, PORITEMSGRID.RowCount - PORITEMSGRID.FixedFooterRows] := 'Subtotal';

Seems to work ok!

You can ofcourse make the grid work together if you implement this logic. But out of the box there is still a lot of work needed to make the data manipulations/updates sync with the dataset.