TMSGrid: Fixed autonumbercol to ignore sorting


Is is somehow possible to have one column with the row number (fixed autonumbercol) and this one is ignoring the filtering?
So basically I want that Col0 is shown always the row number - does not matter if you resort another column -> disconnect from the cell somehow?

Row Name  Value
1      ABC      323
2      EFG      544
3      HIJ        133

after sorting col Value results show be:
Row Name  Value
1      HIJ        133
2      ABC      323
3      EFG      544

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You can simply return a fixed number in the OnGetCellData even

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXGrid1GetCellData(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  var CellString: string);
  if ACol = 0 then
    CellString := inttostr(ARow);