FNC Grid - AutoNumberCol()

Really nice feature, but would be more useful to have the option to decide in which row it starts. I don't need a 0 in the header row. Am I missing some options?

I made this patch in unit LCLTMSFNCGridData which gives me all options:

procedure TTMSFNCGridData.AutoNumberCol(Col: integer; StartRow : integer; StartValue : Integer);
  i: integer;
  for i := StartRow to FRowCount - 1 do
    Cells[Col,i] := inttostr(StartValue);

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That is a very nice addition! We have investigated this here and applied an improvement in this area. The next version will have this included.

Thank you, I really appreciate your work.

I would like to suggest again, to offer access to your bugtracker software for registered user. That would help to avoid emails with simillar contents from differend users and gives users better informations about the current fixes and improvements.

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