TMSFNCWXHTMLMemo - Various errors and findings

The TMSFNCWXHTMLMemo is at first sight a nice tool, but it is also flawed in several respects:

Table functions

  • The width of the cell cannot be changed manually

  • The total width of the table cannot be changed

  • The frame is only visible in the memo, but not when the document is displayed in the web browser.
    It would be ideal if the behavior (visibility, color if necessary) could be set

  • The "draw frame" to enlarge/reduce the images appears at the wrong place
    This is also the case on the Summernote website.

  • If there is a picture in "cell 1" or "cell 2" and the picture in "cell 2" is resized, it will be deleted!
    This is also the case on the Summernote website.

  • The selection menu to e.g. delete a column is not wrapped if the space on the right side is too small.
    On the website of Summernote the menu is wrapp

  • In the memo the text is displayed with the alignment "on top", in the web browser everything is displayed "centered


  • If e.g. a passage with image and text is copied from a PDF or Word document, the image is usually lost.
  • I have two (keyboard) languages installed.
    It happens regularly, but not always, that the keyboard language changes when using the editor.
    I notice this by the fact that a different character is output when entering umlauts ( e.g. é instead of ö) and that the keyboard language has changed (visible in the taskbar (Win10)).
    If I have only set one language (swiss german), this also happens, but in this case Windows does not show me which language is currently set.
  • Some of the errors are clearly already detectable at How much influence do you have on fixing the bugs?
  • I miss a menu to link local files, can this be realized?


Issues like these that come from interacting with the Summernote editor is for Summernote to fix. Unfortunately we cannot work around something that is not implemented or simply broken in the Summernote implementation.
For example, here is the reported issue in github regarding to table columns: Allowing to resize columns of Tables · Issue #1577 · summernote/summernote · GitHub

By "frame" do you mean the border of the table? Summernote seems to use Bootstrap to render the tables. You'll need to reference Bootstrap in the HTML page but this depends on your exact use case (such as online-offline usage, where it will be displayed).

Most likely this is also be related to Bootstrap rendering.

We'll investigate this.

Is this also the case on How to consistently reproduce this?

If the errors are detectable on their side, then unfortunately it needs to be fixed by the Summernote team. We don't have influence over that.

A potential solution for this could be custom buttons. It's already on our todo list to investigate that.

We applied an improvement for this and the next version will contain the necessary changes.

This sounds good :-)

The linked example is from 2016 and will probably never be fixed.
I am skeptical about the future of the project.
I am not sure if and how long this project will be kept alive:

Yes, you have understood it correctly.
My goal was to create a HTML document, which consists of some text and images, but is not used as a web page.
Quasi a Word document in HTML form.
If I understand you correctly, this is not possible.

I have used the editor on several times and so far it has not occurred.
If I create a new project (D11.2) and only have the TMSFNCWXHTMLMemo in it and start the project, it occurs regularly, but not always.
Sometimes it is enough to just start the project without writing anything in the memo.
The first time I write it is not necessarily noticed. But regularly when I have e.g. the program still open and want to write directly e.g. in Word a text.

How it can be reproduced unambiguously is also not clear to me. Possibly it has to do with the keyboard language and I suspect that it could be an initialization error

This is what I have assumed.
From the looks of it, the Summernote project will either be dropped completely or a significant rebuild will take place.

Summernote still has nice plugins, actually there would be a lot of potential. I hope that it really continues
GitHub - summernote/awesome-summernote: A curated list for summernote modules

The editor itself creates HTML but the styling of it depends on Bootstrap (so you don't see the border but it's still an HTML table).
To get the styling too, you'd need to write your own saving mechanism where you wrap the HTML contents of the memo in an HTML document, and you link the Bootstrap libraries (either online or offline). If that's not something you can go with then unfortunately no, it's not possible.

We've never seen this behavior on our development machine which has multiple input languages installed. This needs to be narrowed down somehow. Are you using Windows 10 or 11? Are you using VCL or FMX? Can you try another WX component and see if that changes the input language? Perhaps the TTMSFNCWXMathEditor could be used for this.