TMSFNCWXHTMLMemo - The import functions are faulty

The import functions are faulty.


Specifically, when importing, one or sometimes several additional blank lines are displayed (see image). The export function seems to work correctly, at least the text is displayed correctly in the web browser. I have attached the sample project in the appendix.

If I am not in the company network and the proxy is therefore not found, the initialization of the web components (TMSFNCWebBrowser, TMSFNCWXHTMLMemo,...) takes sometimes very long (several seconds) - sub optimal, if e.g. only text should be edited or a local PDF should be displayed.
Proxy (91.4 KB)


A fix for the LoadFromHTMLFile and LoadFromHTMLStream will be added to the next update.
As for the second issue, could you clarify? Do these problems also persist with other web components or with other web pages?