TMSFNCWXCamera on Windows

I try to use TMSFNCWXCamera on Windows with VCL and want to select on of my two Cameras.
TMSFNCWXCamera1.devices.count is always 0 so i cant fill a ComboBox to select which device i want to use.
Is it possible to use more then one Cam in Windows ? and how to do this.

I try to fill a ComboBox with this code in Form.create
Cam.CameraType := wctSelected;

// Funktioniert nicht, da DeviceCount immer 0 ist
For i:= 0 to Cam.Devices.Count-1 Do



Are you filling the ComboBox from the OnCameraDevicesInitialized event?
RequestDevices is an async process, so you can only fill your ComboBox from the OnCameraDevicesInitialized event.

I now use the OnCameraDevicesInitialized event for filling the combobox, and it works.

The TMSFNCWXCamera Window shows always a vertical Drgagbar and i can move the CamPicture a bit up and down. Resizing the Window dont help. The vertical Dragbar is alwways there.


Can you check again? It should be fixed (no update is needed).

Yes its ok Now
Thank you