TMSFNCTreeView - different editors in same column

  1. How can I have different editors in same column?
  2. How can I fill TComboBox-Items in same column dynamically for each row?
    Thanks for help
  1. Use the OnGetInplaceEditor event to specify which editor needs to be used for which column & which node
  2. Use the OnCustomizeInplaceEditor event and add items there after typecasting the combobox.

Ok, OnCustomizeInplaceEditor is what I was missing, I was looking for that at "OnGetInplace..."

Nice,, thanks!

I have 2 more issues i could not find solution in web/demos/forum:
. seems that I have to click three times (1 Node select, 2 ComboBox shown, 3 ComboBox PopUp) until combobox-popup is shown. Is there a way to optimize this, e.g. some kind of DirectEdit/ImmediateEditor
. when using ComboBox with OnNodeChanged/OnCloseImplaceEditor the event triggers after closing ComboBox AND leaving focused row. How can I catch the event just after closing ComboBox (before changing focused row)?