I am in the process of creating a planner application.
However the built in Planner editor is not sufficiant, so i ahev crearted my own custom "Form" for adding new Items.
Question - Can I or how do i add the "TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency" option to my custom form?

Thank you


You can re-use the content panel & initialize the content with a planner item with the following code:

procedure TForm4.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  p: TTMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrencyContentPanel;
  TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.Planner := TMSFNCPlanner1;
  p := TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.CustomContentPanel;
  TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.Panel.Parent := Self;
  TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.ItemToCustomContentPanel(TMSFNCPlanner1.Items[0], TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.Panel);

Note that the code will now generate a default recurrency editor, but you can change whatever you want with the TTMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrencyContentPanel variable "p"


Many thanks for your assistance, will give this a go. :-)

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Hello Pieter,

Finaly got round to looking into this. I am having a small issue of getting the Defauilt Content panel to initilise in my custom Tab - what might i be missing?

Much appreciated.

What code did you use?


I used the code in teh example you provided. I think i am missing the bit to join the default editor to my tab - not sure.

I guess that this line needs to change to:

TMSFNCPlannerItemEditorRecurrency1.Panel.Parent := TabItem1;

Hello Pieter,

Thank you - I feel a bit of an idiot.

That worked :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries! Thanks for the feedback! :wink: