TMSFNCPlanner DatabaseAdapter Item Text max 255 characters

Appointment created Text

I use Aurelius in conjunction with the TMSFNCPlanner and TMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter.
I create the text of an appointment via a virtual database field and the "function GetAppointmentText: string"
For this purpose, there is the property "appointment_text".
In the TMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter, I pass appointment_text to "Item.text".
Although the text was created completely.
But when I start the program, only the first 255 characters of the generated text are displayed in the planner items.

Have you checked the content of this property right after you load it from database? What is the mapping of this property/field?

By default, string properties in Aurelius are mapped as VARCHAR, and by default the length of such field is 255, so my guess is that you are simply saving a value that is longer than your underlying database structure supports.

If you want to save text with "unlimited" size with Aurelius, better map it to a TBlob property or map the column to have 65536 chars: