TMSFNCMaps showing as a white square

When I create a test application and just drop a TMSFNCMaps on it everything works fine.
The problem is when I try to use it in our "big" application. Our Map-Form is used in a lot of places and is docked into other forms. In desig mode the map shows nicely but when I run the application the docked form shows a white square where the map should be!?
Any ideas?


Can you try calling TMSFNCMaps1.Initialize before docking the control?

Did not help. I attached a sample projekt showing the problem.
As you can see the Form1 shows the map but the docked Form2 shows a white square.
Docked (9.6 KB)

Hi when changing the parent, the browser need to be re-initialized when it's not able to initialize because it is on a separate form. To do this. Please use the following code:

procedure TForm1.FormShow(Sender: TObject);


   Form2 := TForm2.Create(Self);
   Form2.TMSFNCMaps1.Parent := Form2;
   Form2.Align := alClient;


Ok, thanks. That worked!

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