TMSFNCGridTest.Appearance.FixedLayout.Font.Size not working

Drop a TMSFNCGrid on a VCL form and add the following code to the form OnShow event:

procedure TForm1.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
TMSFNCGridTest.Cells[0, 0]:= 'Test';
TMSFNCGridTest.Cells[1, 0]:= 'Text';
TMSFNCGridTest.Cells[2,0]:= 'Yes';
TMSFNCGridTest.Appearance.FixedLayout.Font.Size:= 30;
TMSFNCGridTest.Appearance.FixedLayout.Font.Color:= clBlue;
TMSFNCGridTest.Appearance.FixedLayout.Font.Style:= [];
TMSFNCGridTest.FontSizes[2,0]:= 30;


The code " TMSFNCGridTest.Appearance.FixedLayout.Font.Size:= 30;" does not alter the font size. Same error with the font style.

In the Object Inspector I also change EVERY font size to 30 and still the font size does not change to 30.

The code "TMSFNCGridTest.FontSizes[2,0]:= 30;" added so to make it visually clear how the font size of 30 looks like.

Unless I am doing something wrong, this is a bug.


It is driving me crazy...


if I add the following code to the OnShow event of the form

TMSFNCGridTest.Cells[1,1]:= 'Normal';
TMSFNCGridTest.Cells[1,2]:= 'Normal';

and select one of those cell while application runs, than the selected cell is 30 in font size, but the unselected cell has a very tiny font size.

Again, in the Object Inspector I have set EVERY font size to 30. In all of the Appearance, in the default font en just font. They are ALL set to font size 30. Where does this tiny font size is coming from?

Yes, I can set the font size manually for every cell, but for normal cells that are not selected, the Appearance.NormalLayout font size should be used. Right? Well, it is set to 30. So, why is it so tiny?

What am I supposed to change to make it font size 30..? Without manually setting every individual cell.


Well, apparently one must also use code as below

TMSFNCGridTest.Columns[1].Font.Size:= 30;
TMSFNCGridTest.Columns[1].FixedFont.Size:= 30;

Maybe it is just me, but why are those values not automatically set to the values of the default font sizes..? Meaning the DefaultFont.Size setting.


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