FNC Grid Fonts

Hello, I do not manage to apply a complete different font to the grid. Currently I am testing with a VCL application. First of all, the Grid does not inherit the font of the parent object. This does not matter as I can set it individually. So I did the following in FormCreate:

with grd.appearance do
      bandlayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      bandlayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      fixedlayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      fixedlayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      fixedselectedlayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      fixedselectedlayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      focusedlayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      focusedlayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      grouplayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      grouplayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      normallayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      normallayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      selectedlayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      selectedlayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
      summarylayout.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      summarylayout.font.size := FONTSIZE;
    font.Name := FONTNAME;
    font.size := FONTSIZE;

for i := 0 to ColumnCount - 1 do
      columns.font.Name := FONTNAME;
      columns.font.size := FONTSIZE;

While the last lines actually set the font and sitze the above settings seem to be ignored as the font goes back to 8ptTahoma once I select a cell and also in the fixed area.

What am I doing wrong?

The grid takes the font settings from the columns unless you turn off columns with the public property TMSFNCGrid1.UseColumns. Alternatively, you can implement the OnGetCellLayout and change the ALayout.Font.Name and ALayout.Font.Size there, which should change the appearance of all cells regardless of it's appearance state.

Thanks! I do not need explicit Columns and using OnGetCellLayout works like a charm!