TMSFNCGrid VCL - AddBitmap SVG Expanding to size of whole grid...

Hi Guys,

I am setting the cell Class type in an FNCGrid to TTMSFNCBitmapGridCell;
I am then traversing the grid after population and then depending on contents of a cell using fncGrid.AddBitmap to set the sell bitmap.

It is appearing in the cell but it is expanding to fill the grid (its an SVG in the FNCBitmapContainer) which event/how do I set size limits on the SVG populating a cell?


Can you send us a sample, because each SVG is different, some of them have no size limit. The event to control the size is OnGetCellProperties. Where you can use ControlStretched, ControlWidth & ControlHeight to control the size.

Hi Pieter,

The SVG does indeed stretch massive – I know if I open it in GIMP, GIMP prompts me to select the size so this is probably whats going on.

If I can control the limits through OnGetCellProperties though that makes me a happy bunny, I will give it a test.

Attached the SVG.



(Attachment mail-bulk-solid.svg is missing)


I cannot see the SVG, but if GIMP is prompting, then the OnGetCellProperties is not going to solve the issue. It is only specifing the Width & Height in which the SVG should be drawn, if there are no built-in limits, then unfortunately the SVG will need to be manually preset to a fixed size. Can you re-attach? If an attachment is not working, please send us the SVG separately via

Hi Pieter,

Resending as zip as SVG was rejected.

image002.jpg (633 Bytes)

OK, I will set the limits on the SVG – thanks Pieter.

I tested this here with the SVG, the code with ControlStretched should work, so no need to change the SVG:

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCGrid1GetCellProperties(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; Cell: TTMSFNCGridCell);
  if Cell is TTMSFNCBitmapGridCell then
    (Cell as TTMSFNCBitmapGridCell).ControlStretched := True;

Perfect – Thank you!