TMSFNCGrid summary in TMS Web core

I need a simple summary with columns totals at footer of a TMSFNCGrid in TMS WEB Core.
Grid is manage by a DatasetAdapter for standard CRUD but I need also a summary footer.
There are properties in grid for manage footer summary during data input?
Thanks in advance!


The total number of rows are linked to the database adapter. Which means that it doesn't take extra rows into account such as summary footer rows. We'll investigate if we can add support in combination with the database adapter.

Hi Pieter,

I would also like to use FixedFooterRows to display a summary in a database connected Grid. I am migrating a project from TMSFMX components to TMSFNC and with this limitation this migration will be difficult or a headache.

In my opinion the use of FixedRows is a must. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pieter, is there any progress on adding support for this feature?

With TMSFMXLiveGrid, it was enough to assign 1 to FixedFooterRows, add a row and assign the values there, something like

TMSFMXLiveGrid1.FixedFooterRows := 1;
TMSFMXLiveGrid1.RowCount := TMSFMXLiveGrid1.RowCount +1;
for i := 0 to TMSFMXLiveGrid1.ColumnCount-1 do
  TMSFMXLiveGrid1.Cells[i, TMSFMXLiveGrid1.RowCount-1] := SummaryOf(i);

I tried in a similar way using TMSFNCGrid connected to a Dataset, but it doesn't show the content of the FixedRow. I also tried using ColumnCalculation[col] := ccCustom and the OnColumnCalc event, everything is fine, except that the obtained values are not displayed, in the FixedRow.



What you can try is calling TMSFMXLiveGrid1.LoadAllDataAndDisconnect before assigning the fixed footer row data.


My problem is with TMSFNCGrid. That's where the problem is.


The same method exist at database adapter level