TMSFNCGrid External Bluetooth iPad Keyboard - Cursor Keys Support

When I compile and launch a FNC application for Windows as a target platform the arrow keys on the keyboard are supported. E.g. in a TMSFNCGrid the focused cell can be moved in all directions. So far so good.
If I choose iOS as target platform (iPad with connected external Bluetooth keyboard), the arrow keys are not supported.
Does anyone have an idea how to change this?

U. Blomeyer

Is this reproducible with the normal TGrid? or any other control that uses the arrow keys?

When I create an app that contains only a TMemo component and distribute it to the iPad, I can enter text with the external keyboard, select text with command + arrow keys, but navigate in the text with the arrow keys does not work.
In other apps that I didn't create myself (e.g. the Notes app), navigating with the arrow keys also works.

Supposedly it's an FMX framework shortcoming. We'll investigate, but it's unclear if we can do anything about it. Maybe this should also be reported to Embarcadero?

If I create an app that contains only a TMemo component and deploy it to an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard attached, I can enter text with the Bluetooth keyboard, or select text using command + arrow keys, but I cannot navigate in the text using the arrow keys.

When changing the ControlType from "styled" to "platform":

Memo1.ControlType := TPresentedControl.TControlType.Platform;

the app shows the desired behavior. I.e. the user can navigate in the memo text with the arrow keys.
I'm just afraid that this can't be implemented for a grid component.

Unfortunately no, because when choosing Platform as a ControlType, the control becomes a native iOS control, the grid does not offer this kind of functionality unfortunately. We'll investigate the possibilities but the chances are slim that we kind find some kind of workaround.