TMSFNCGrid click on fixed column?


For me the main purpose of fixed column is that it is visible all the time to the user. Using other "non-TMS" Delphi grid components freeze the respective columns but they enable the user to click in the cells.

However with TMSFNCGrid the fixed column's cell are unclickable, no matter if I use smSingleRow, or smSingleCell settings with both ShowSelectionInFixedCells values (True/False).

How can I make the fixed column clickable? I use this setting:
MyFncGrid.FixedColumns := 1;

Thank you very much!

I'm not sure what you mean with 'cells are unclickable'.
These fixed cells trigger the event OnFixedCellClick

Hello Bruno,

What I mean is this:

-The user needs to select a row in the grid first, by clicking a cell so as in the second step he would do something else with that row.
-But when he clicks on a cell of a fixed column, nothing happens -> it doesn't select / highlight that row. (no matter if it's mSingleRow or smSingleCell settings)

Since the fixed column is at first and its width is wide, the user wants to click on that column and it is confusing for him. Instead he needs to scroll right and then click on the first not fixed column to select the row.

Thank you.

By default, there is no cell selection when clicking on a fixed cells, since fixed cells are not selectable.
If you want specific cells to be selected upon clicking a fixed cell, you'll need to add code in the OnFixedCellClick event handler to programmatically select the cells you wish to be selected.

Thank you very much!

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