TMSFNCEdit and lookup


I try to use TMSFNCEdit and lookup, but when the search list appears the OnExit and OnEnter events are triggered.
This is not happend with TMSFMXEdit.
This it is by designed or is it an isues?
How do I know when onExit / onEnter is triggered by the search list or switched to another control?

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Tiberiu Stoicescu


This is unfortunately by design. The effect we had in FMX cannot be made cross-framework as this was an FMX only feature and thus the focus does not stay inside the TTMSFNCEdit. With dropdowns, the focus moves inside the list to enable keyboard support. We'll investigate the possibilities and see if we can somehow create an event.

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Any glue to detect if OnExit/OnEnter if triggered from lookup list or is switched to another control?


We have added 2 new events OnLookupOpen, OnLookupClose, which can be used to detect if the lookup is opened after the OnEnter / OnExit events. We'll investigate better alternatives.

Don't you think it would be better if the OnLookupOpen / OnLookupClose events were triggered before OnEnter / OnExit?

In OnLookupOpen / OnLookupClose events, I know that the OnEnter / OnExit events will start anyway, but I could set a flag ahead for the analysis when OnEnter / OnExit is trigered.

The event OnLookupOpen is triggered before the OnExit event, so perhaps you can try out this sequence when the next version arrives and then let us know if this fixes the issue. If not, we'll look at it again and see if we can find another workaround.