TMSFNCDataBinderGrid Demo Fails to Compile in Radstudio 11 Alexandria

Embarcadero® Delphi 11.0 Version 28.0.42600.6491
TMS FNC Core 10/13/2021

I loaded the demo project "TMS FNC Core\Demos\VCL\DataBinding\Demo.dproj" and it failed to compile. The error is:

[dcc32 Error] UDemo.pas(21): E2291 Missing implementation of interface method ITMSFNCDataBinderGrid.DataInsertRow

The indicated code is:
TStringGridEx = class(TStringGrid, ITMSFNCDataBinderGrid)
procedure DataBeginUpdate;
procedure DataEndUpdate;
procedure SetDataColumnCount(AValue: Integer);
procedure SetDataRowCount(AValue: Integer);
procedure ClearData;
function GetDataRowCount: Integer;
procedure SetDataValue(AColumn, ARow: Integer; AValue: string);
procedure SetDataHeader(AColumn: Integer; AValue: string);
end; (198.2 KB)

We have fixed this issue here, attached is a new version.