TMSFNCCheckedListBox can't be reordered when it is in popup form.


I encountered an issue where items in the TMSFNCCheckedListBox cannot be reordered when it is placed on a pop-up form activated through TTMSFNCPopup. To illustrate this problem, I've prepared a demonstration (
33. (2.8 MB)
) that replicates the issue:

In the demo, you'll see a TMSFNCCheckedListBox positioned on a pop-up form. I've enabled the 'Reorder' feature in the 'Interaction' settings. This pop-up form is triggered by clicking a button on a panel, which can be toggled using TMSFNCPopup.

However, I'm experiencing a problem where I'm unable to drag and drop items within the FNCChecklistbox on the pop-up form. The item seems to get stuck to the mouse and cannot be released. In contrast, another TMSFNCCheckedListBox placed on the main form works perfectly fine.

I would appreciate any insights or solutions to this issue. Thank you!


We are able to reproduce this and are currently investigating this here.