TMSFMXWebGMaps Error with modal form

Hi,  I use TMSFMXWebGMaps version and Embarcadero Tokyo 10.2 ,
I use TMSFMXWebGMaps  in the mainform , when I invoke other form in the mainform with
xxx.showmodal , The TMSFMXWebGMaps is gone blank, I get the next string   blank{E459BCE-3611-4E6B-B2C0-21093251B121} , if I close the modal form, the event  OnMapClick already not work, can You help Me



Unfortunately this is a limitation of the FMX WebBrowser control which we currently have no control over.
Can you try calling ReInitialize on the TMSFMXWebGMaps control after closing the modal form?

Ok I understand, no problem guys