error: Exception 80020101

Hello everyone, I have the following problem. Every time when I try to hideor show  the map component and try to use some function of class TTMSFMXWebGMaps I get this error: Exception 80020101. I noticed that if I did not hide or show the map component the error did not happen. Some help?

void __fastcall TFormMain::TMSFMXWebGMapsDownloadFinish(TObject *Sender)

TMSFMXWebGMaps->Visible = true; //if comment this line, i not recive this error
TMSFMXWebGMaps->DeleteAllMapMarker(); //crash here
TMSFMXWebGMaps->DeleteAllMapPolyline(); //or here

TMarker *Marker;
TMSFMXWebGMaps->Routing->PolylineOptions->Color = TAlphaColorRec::Green;




What is the specific reason to toggle the Visible property in the OnDownloadFinish event handler?
The OnDownloadFinish event shouldn't be triggered when the TMSFMXWebGMaps control is not visible. I would recommend to remove the first line where visible is set to true.

However, thanks for notifying, we'll investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.
It was not in this event, just a demonstration. What I mentioned is that if I hide the component and then display again the error happens when I try to call the functions, for example:

TMSFMXWebGMaps-> DeleteAllMapMarker (); // crash here
TMSFMXWebGMaps-> DeleteAllMapPolyline (); // or here
TMSFMXWebGMaps-> DeleteAllMapPolygon ();

Can you please try to use the call "TMSFMXWebGMaps->Reinitialize;" instead ?